The Rabbi BOBbleheads are about 8" tall, delicately crafted in the likeness of our beloved Rabbi.

Production is limited to 500 pieces total, and Rabbi Bob will be autographing BOBbleheads only as long as his marker holds out, so order now!



BOBbleheads are available NOW! You buy them three different ways (why not try one of each?): You can click on Order Form for a printable pdf you can mail in; you can order online by clicking the link below; or you can buy them in person at Congregation Etz Chaim, 1710 S. Highland Avenue in Lombard.

BOBbleheads are $18 each. Autographed BOBbleheads are $25 each.

All checks (if mailing in or buying in person) should be made payable to CEC Brotherhood.

The number of BOBbleheads are in limited, so be sure to send in your order TODAY!

Click here for a mail-in order form or click here to purchase now!